Professor Damien Harkin

Visiting Senior Scientist

BSc (Adelaide) BSc Hons (Pathology, Adelaide) PhD (Pathology, Adelaide) Grad Cert Res Mgt & Policy (Melbourne) MTertEd Mgt (Melbourne)


Dr Harkin is a Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the Queensland University of Technology. He is an experienced cell biologist with expertise across a number of fields including inflammation and tissue repair, embryonic development, imaging of tissue structure and regenerative medicine. Highlights from Dr Harkin’s career include a PhD in pathology from the University of Adelaide in 1994 and postdoctoral appointments at Harvard Medical School and the University Melbourne.

Dr Harkin has pioneered the development of stem cell therapies for the treatment of eye disease in Australia and in collaboration with Professor Chirila (QEI) is world renowned for developing novel materials from silk proteins for repairing the eye.