Dr Anthony Pane

Eye Diseases and Neuro-Ophthalmology



Dr Anthony Pane is a highly experienced eye surgeon and general ophthalmologist, having personally performed more than 10,000 cataract operations. He also has a special interest in neuro-ophthalmology: diseases of the brain and nerves which can cause blurred vision, double vision, or abnormal eye movements.

A University of Queensland graduate (Medicine with Honours, Master of Medical Science), Dr Pane undertook his eye specialist training in Brisbane hospitals. In 2004 he returned from three years advanced training in the United Kingdom to be one of the two ophthalmologists at the newly created Queensland Eye Institute, along with Professor Lawrie Hirst.

Dr Pane has written four textbooks on ophthalmology which have been published internationally. His book “The Neuro-ophthalmology Survival Guide” (co-written with Prof Neil Miller and Dr Michael Burdon), is now a standard text for trainee eye doctors in major teaching hospitals throughout the USA, UK and Europe. This book is also used as a practical clinical guide by thousands of practising ophthalmologists worldwide.

One of Dr Pane’s key research interests has been to develop a method for ophthalmologists to detect and diagnose serious causes of optic nerve disease earlier and more accurately. In 2011 he was awarded a PhD by the University of Queensland for his research in this area.


Please note: Dr Pane chooses to not be involved in medico-legal cases. He therefore does not accept appointments for patients who are involved in any of the following:

  • work injuries including WorkCover claims
  • motor vehicle or pedestrian accidents
  • assaults
  • insurance claims
  • cases in which the police or courts are involved

We would be pleased to recommend other neuro-ophthalmologists who take on such work, please call 3239 5000 for advice.

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