• 23 Nov, 2020

New appointment for QEI’s macula specialist

We would like to congratulate QEI Clinic’s Associate Professor Anthony Kwan who was recently appointed Chair of the Research Committee at Macula...

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  • 28 Aug, 2020

Creating Queensland’s first inherited eye disease registry

We are excited to announce a planned collaboration between the Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) and the Queensland Children’s Hospital, which will est...

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  • 01 Jul, 2020

Australian Macular Disease Research Review Launched by Assoc Prof Anthony Kwan

We would like to congratulate QEI Clinic’s Associate Professor Anthony Kwan on launching the very first issue of the Australian Macular Disease Rese...

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  • 24 Feb, 2020

Dr Onur Sakiragaoglu joins the QEI laboratories

We are pleased to welcome Research Assistant Dr Onur Sakiragaoglu who has recently joined the Queensland Eye Institute (QEI). Originally from Turkey, ...

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  • 19 Dec, 2019

Dr Audra Shadforth Receives MDFA Research Grant

QEI Visiting Scientist, Dr Audra Shadforth has recently received a research grant from the Macular Disease Foundation Australia for her upcoming resea...

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  • 29 Oct, 2019

UMPhST Visit: Fostering a new partnership for scientific research

The Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) has recently had the pleasure of hosting Professor Leonard Azamfirei, Rector (President) of the George Emil Palade ...

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  • 02 Sep, 2019

QEIF welcomes three research interns from France

Three university students have joined QEIF as interns to carry out research under the supervision of QEIF Chief Scientist Professor Traian Chirila and...

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  • 30 Jan, 2019

Bette Forgan-Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Dr Audra Shadforth

QEI research associate, Dr Audra Shadforth has been awarded the Bette Forgan-Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship, a three-year program that will support Dr ...

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  • 23 Aug, 2018

53 years of research

Earlier this year, QEI celebrated its 53rd anniversary – our journey began in 1965 when the Australian Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness (Q...

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  • 03 Jul, 2018

A new device may improve lazy eye

QEI conducts a new clinical trial that aims to improve Amblyopia. The study is looking to understand whether this new device can help treat “Lazy Ey...

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