A new home for Queensland Eye Institute

22 Nov, 2023

The Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) is moving all operations, including its clinical services, research laboratory, clinical trials team and the Queensland Electro-Diagnostic Imaging Centre to:


The new clinic will open its doors to patients on:


This relocation will allow QEI to better address preventable blindness, with expanded clinical areas and more efficient spaces for research and administration teams.

Since moving from its first home at the Mater Hospital to the current South Brisbane address in 2014, there has been a realignment in how QEI works to save sight. The clinic and clinical trial teams have expanded, while education and training are increasingly delivered online. The new location allows QEI to implement efficiencies and expand its clinical services.

The new location in Woolloongabba has patient parking and is well serviced by public transport. The award winning building, constructed in 1989 as the headquarters for Queensland’s Golden Casket, has been extensively remodelled to suit QEI’s needs. It will also house the South Bank Day Hospital in coming months.

The refurbishment will include enhancements (for example, new rooftop solar panels) for more financially and environmentally sustainable operations.

Overseeing the new site’s development and preparing the organisation to move has placed significant demands on staff throughout 2023. QEI thanks its staff, patients and service providers for their patience during this busy time and looks forward to continuing its mission to save sight from its new home in Woolloongabba.

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aerial view of building at cross road of a busy, dual carriageway and sidestreet, with traffic lights at the intersection
87 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba, intersection with Henry Street