Dr Shuko Suzuki

Senior Research Officer

BApplSc, MApplSc and PhD


Dr Shuko Suzuki joined the Queensland Eye Institute in 2012 as a Research Scientist. Dr Suzuki was born in Japan, but spent many years in Queensland. She obtained all her academic degrees at the Queensland University of Technology and in 2007 returned to Japan to work at Nara Medical University with Professor Yoshito Ikada, a world authority in tissue engineering.

Dr Suzuki has also worked in the R&D department of Gunze Co. Ltd, a biomedical company involved in commercial developments based on academic research. She explores research in the area of biomaterials science and has been working closely with surgeons to investigate clinical applications. Here at the Queensland Eye Institute, Shuko is involved in a number of research projects including the development of silk fibroin/sericin-based biomaterials for ocular tissue repair.