• 10 Apr, 2024

QEI education pays dividends

Dr Jonathan Lai is having a full circle moment at the Queensland Eye Institute, as the past student has returned to the fold as a clinician and teache...

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  • 07 Mar, 2024

Meet Dr Alexandra Manta, a triple threat in the fight to save sight

Dr Alexandra Manta is a skilled oculoplastic clinician now channeling her passion for saving sight into research and education with the Queensland Eye...

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  • 29 Nov, 2023

Vale Professor Ravi Thomas

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden passing of Professor Ravi Thomas, an internationally recognised glaucoma researcher and specialist,...

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  • 19 Jun, 2023

Cataract Awareness Month

June is cataract awareness month, a time to raise awareness and understand more about this eye condition. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness...

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  • 30 Aug, 2022

A New Grant Hopes to Bring Improved Rare Eye Cancer Treatment

In February Flinders University and the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation (QEIF) formed a new partnership to create a world-first international regi...

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  • 01 Dec, 2021

National Sunnies Day

National Sunnies Day The focus of National Sunnies Day on the 6th of December is to raise awareness of eye damage from sun exposure. This year we are ...

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  • 22 Feb, 2021

Glaucoma Q&A with Dr Mark Chiang

This year, World Glaucoma Week runs from March 7 to 13. In recognition of this awareness initiative, QEI Clinic’s Dr Mark Chiang has answered some c...

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  • 07 Aug, 2020

“Insightful” Webinar Series Launched by QEI

Those who follow the Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) on social media may have noticed that we have recently launched a Q&A style webinar series on ...

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  • 01 Jul, 2020

Australian Macular Disease Research Review Launched by Assoc Prof Anthony Kwan

We would like to congratulate QEI Clinic’s Associate Professor Anthony Kwan on launching the very first issue of the Australian Macular Disease Rese...

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  • 09 Nov, 2018

Protect your eyes from UV rays – expert tips by Dr Brendan Cronin

Did you know that 60% of Aussies say that going blind is worse than having a heart attack or losing a limb? Yet 62% of us are still putting our sight ...

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