National Sunnies Day

01 Dec, 2021

National Sunnies Day

The focus of National Sunnies Day on the 6th of December is to raise awareness of eye damage from sun exposure. This year we are asking our supporters to GiVE FiVE FOR EYES on National Sunnies Day.

Your donation of $5 will buy one pair of sunnies for one primary school child and help fund vital medical research, as we work every day to save sight.

Why children need to wear sunglasses

We all know just how harsh the Queensland sun can be. On National Sunnies Day, on 6th December we are encouraging all Queenslanders to give at least five dollars to help protect children’s eyes from harmful rays. Millions of Australians continue to make the conscious decision not to wear sunglasses every time they step outside. Although this may seem harmless, it can lead to eye damage so we really need your help to change this habit. On December 6th wear your sunnies to work or school to show your support.

National Sunnies Day Flyer for website

While the sun’s unfiltered UV rays can harm and burn skin cells, it can also damage unprotected eyes.  Unlike adults’ ocular lenses, children’s ocular lenses cannot filter the damaging UV light as effectively. As a result, if children do not wear sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat, they are exposed to more UV light especially as they tend to be outside more than adults playing in parks, pools and involved in outdoor sports. With consistent sun exposure and without protection this can lead to a number of eye diseases and growths on the eye including cancer and blindness.

National Sunnies Day

Wear your sunnies to work or to school on National Sunnies Day, 6th December and help us buy sunnies for Queensland primary school children!

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