QEI Clinic

  • 28 Apr, 2022

Sustainability goals at the QEI Clinic

Sustainability for us at the QEI clinic is recycling as much as we can of the materials that we use daily. We are also focused on encouraging our staf...

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  • 12 Apr, 2022

Glaucoma: a silent disease that can still cause irreversible blindness

Glaucoma is one of the biggest risks to eye health. It is a silent disease which does not manifest itself until the later stages when it is much more ...

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  • 11 Oct, 2021

Five Minutes with Associate Professor Anthony Kwan during lockdown 

Associate Professor Anthony Kwan has been a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Retina and Macula Specialist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon at Queensland Eye Insti...

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  • 05 Oct, 2021

Discussing Macular Degeneration with Associate Professor Abhishek Sharma

Associate Professor Abhishek Sharma is a specialist in both medical and surgical retinal eye conditions at Queensland Eye Institute (QEI). His special...

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  • 22 Feb, 2021

Glaucoma Q&A with Dr Mark Chiang

This year, World Glaucoma Week runs from March 7 to 13. In recognition of this awareness initiative, QEI Clinic’s Dr Mark Chiang has answered some c...

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  • 23 Nov, 2020

New appointment for QEI’s macula specialist

We would like to congratulate QEI Clinic’s Associate Professor Anthony Kwan who was recently appointed Chair of the Research Committee at Macula...

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  • 28 Aug, 2020

Creating Queensland’s first inherited eye disease registry

We are excited to announce a planned collaboration between the Queensland Eye Institute (QEI) and the Queensland Children’s Hospital, which will est...

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  • 17 Jul, 2020

5 Minutes with Dr David Gunn

Dr David Gunn‘s interest in ophthalmology began at an early age. Since then, he has celebrated a number of professional achievements, including ...

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  • 01 Jul, 2020

Australian Macular Disease Research Review Launched by Assoc Prof Anthony Kwan

We would like to congratulate QEI Clinic’s Associate Professor Anthony Kwan on launching the very first issue of the Australian Macular Disease Rese...

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  • 19 May, 2020

5 minutes with Dr Brendan Cronin

As Director of Education, QEI Clinic’s Dr Brendan Cronin is passionate about teaching the next generation of ophthalmologists and working to develop...

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