Hope in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials give hope to so many people.


Giselle is currently sixth months into a clinical trial for her vision loss. Keen to be ‘part of the solution’ Giselle has an energetic thirst for life and has hope her vision may be restored in some capacity from what can be learnt in clinical trials.

Throughout her life, Giselle has had a number of eye operations. It was after cataract treatment in 2001 that her vision was corrected and she was left with a vision of -1.25. With such excellent vision she was able to read, drive a car and live independently for the next 11 years until an Ophthalmologist noticed that in both eyes she had developed dry eye macular degeneration. However, her vision was unaffected until December 2015 when she noticed a drastic change in her right eye as a result of the dry macular degeneration turning into wet macular degeneration. This was treated in Germany with three consecutive injections and when she returned to Australia there was further treatment.

Describing the Queensland Eye Institute as her eye family, Giselle is passionate about wanting to help bring the world forward and help find a solution. In her case, hoping to stop the progression of dry macular degeneration and save her sight.

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Giselle kayaking with two flags behind her on the kayak

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