Oscar Eckersley

Inspirational Young Man


Oscar Eckersley has been a patient of the QEI Clinic since he was just a toddler. Despite his young age, he has endured many major operations to control his congenital glaucoma and preserve the sight in his affected eye.

After one particular surgery, Oscar was petrified to open his eyes for fear he couldn’t see and it took him days to work up the courage. “He would just sit with his head down eyes closed and listen to Disney’s Frozen movie on the TV over and over and over,” recalled Oscar’s Mum, Melissa. Elsa has been a big part of Oscars’ journey with his eye condition. “She helped me get over the fear and just do it,” remembers Oscar.

Now that he’s older, Oscar has moved on from Elsa and is now a keen soccer player! A sport he had previously been too worried to play in case he hurt his eye.

Oscar and Melissa are great supporters of QEIF and have been involved in numerous awareness and fundraising initiatives over the years. In 2019, Oscar was a participant in the Last Seen Exhibition to Save Sight. You can read more about Oscar and his Last Seen here.


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