Professor Lawrence Hirst

Senior Clinical Scientist

MBBS Hons (Qld) MD (Qld) MPH (Hopkins) DO (Melb) FRANZCO, FRACS, Cert.Am.Bd.Ophth


Professor Lawrence Hirst was born in Brisbane after his parents emigrated from Austria. Professor Hirst was educated at Brisbane Grammar School, and in his final year was scholastically ranked seventeenth in Queensland out of over 4000 students. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Queensland in 1969 with a MBBS (First class Honours). Since then his career has become a list of high achievements at some of the finest medical institutions in the United States of America and in Australia.

Professor Hirst’s clinical achievements are well-known and include: Tissue adhesive: new techniques for the application of tissue adhesives in perforated eyes have been introduced by Professor Hirst. This has saved eyes in elderly patients, who previously would have lost their eyes because of infection. Corneoscleral Grafts: used in patients with severe infections of the front of the eye, many of them referred to Professor Hirst for removal of the eye, but in some cases Professor Hirst has been able to stabilize the condition to the point of non-removal and in several cases has been able to retain the patient’s vision by surgical replacement of the front of the eye.

Professor Hirst has pioneered a new method for the removal of pterygium which has resulted in only few recurrences and a good cosmetic appearance. Professor Lawrence Hirst has now restricted his practice to the treatment of pterygium, through the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for PTERYGIUM® technique. Professor Hirst has dedicated his entire clinical practice to treating Pterygium, which is based at The Australian Pterygium Centre, Graceville.