5 minutes with Dr Brendan Cronin

19 May, 2020

As Director of Education, QEI Clinic’s Dr Brendan Cronin is passionate about teaching the next generation of ophthalmologists and working to develop new technologies. We recently had the chance to ask Dr Cronin a few questions about his interests, career and highlights so far.  

What interested you in ophthalmology?  

Ophthalmology is a specialty that uses amazing technology to deliver great patient outcomes. I really love the rapid evolution and change in the equipment we use. The eye has always fascinated me so I had wanted to be an ophthalmologist since I was a child.

What interested you in working with the Queensland Eye Institute? 

I love teaching so I had always wanted to work at an institution where I could be involved in teaching the next generation of ophthalmologists.  

What has been your career highlight to date?  

Working with companies to develop new technologies is a huge highlight for me. I always get excited when a company approaches me to collaborate about new treatments. I have helped to develop some fabulous new treatments that are now standard of care worldwide – I really get a thrill out of that.  

What research areas are you interested in?  

Advances in corneal collagen cross linking and also dry eye treatments are my main research areas currently – there are lots of exciting new treatments in the pipeline.  

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to take the kids bike riding or fishing. We have so many fantastic outdoor activities in our climate so I love to take advantage of them.   

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