QEIF’s CEO talks Last Seen

30 Aug, 2019

All good awareness and fundraising campaigns need a strong story–telling component.

QEIF’s CEO and Executive Director, Mark Radford explains, “We were really keen to expand on the theme of how our sight can be taken for granted. It’s often considered as our most important sense, but how often do we stop and consider what we would do without it?

“We have collaborated with creative agency Publicis to create Last Seen to help us tell some of these stories and to raise funds to continue the research we do at the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation.

Mark says the collaboration with Publicis has been an exciting one for QEIF. “We’ve been looking for a way for our patients and donors to see the connection between how the research we undertake connects to the treatments and cures our ophthalmologists deliver every day in our QEI Clinics.

By pairing nine influential artists with the visually-impaired, Last Seen is capturing the last, dearly held visual memory before the participants sight deteriorated. Our participants suffer from a range of conditions, from those having no vision due to an accident, and others with cone-rod dystrophy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa or having contracted a virus with devastating consequences to their sight.  These artworks will be auctioned to raise funds for the important sight-saving work of QEIF.

“We have been fortunate with our Last Seen participants. They have compelling stories, with a poignancy that can resonate with us all. They might make us stop and think what our last, most memorable vision of this world might be and how different it would be for us all.”

It is also the back stories of the participants, “They’re powerful and very humbling,” says Mark. “From young Oscar, who’s endured 20 operations, to father of three, Peter, who suffered a breakdown whilst working full time, studying for a PhD and gradually losing his sight. How many of us would be able to cope with those layers of complexity to every-day life?


Ryan Petie, Executive Creative Director of Publicis Worldwide says, “We’re really excited to partner with QEIF on this project – reminding people of the critical importance of eyesight. Particularly working in the advertising and design field, where eyesight is our biggest tool, we’re deeply entrenched in this project and making it a world-famous success.”

Mark continues, “Our purpose is to save sight, and communicating this by storytelling, creating stunning artworks, all captured in superb videos, enables the stories to be heard and seen. It has been quite a journey for all our participants and artists. And I know they’ve all enjoyed it as much as we have.

“I have to extend my thanks to everyone who is with us on the Last Seen journey which will culminate with the Last Seen Exhibition Launch & Auction at GOMA in November. The creativity from Publicis, all the time and commitment of our participants and artists, the film crews and production teams and to the QEIF team, I must say a very big and heartfelt thank you.”

For more information and to purchase tickets please visit www.lastseen.com.au