Meet our board

10 Mar, 2021

Since its establishment in 1965, the QEIF Board of Directors has played a very important role in overseeing the governance of the Foundation, and its strategic and operational activities. Today, the Board brings together a diverse group of respected leaders, with significant experience in health, medicine, business, finance and law. Each director provides a specific skill set and unique perspective, which combined, allows the Foundation to fulfil its purpose of saving sight and eliminating preventable blindness.



“I joined a Board that had big aspirations, but limited resources. Since then, we have built a fantastic network of researchers, educators, clinicians, nursing staff, and administrators. We have maintained state of the art research and clinical premises. This all ultimately has resulted in better outcomes for thousands of patients. And the future? The belief that we can prevent blindness, and improve lives and the community, draws us forward to do more together.”


PROFESSOR MARK RADFORD: CEO and Executive Director

“I have been the CEO and Executive Director of QEIF since 2010 and am extremely proud of our progress towards saving sight over the years. With about 80% of blindness being preventable QEIF plays an important role in the health of our community, a role in which we can make a difference. Our purpose is simple – to save sight. It is something that all our staff, whether they be clinicians, researchers, or support staff, work tirelessly towards.”



“Unfortunately, more than 450,000 Australians live without sight or with impaired vision- this is something we can change. I am privileged to be involved with a foundation that strives to deliver excellence and innovation. The 2019 Last Seen Exhibition to Save Sight was a highlight for me and I am looking forward to helping deliver the exhibition again in the near future. For more details: lastseen.com.au.”


JOHN LOWES: Director

“My association with the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation goes back over 20 years. Professor Lawrie Hirst’s enthusiasm for the body- then known as Prevent Blindness Foundation- was infectious! I have two nephews who each have significant but completely unrelated vision issues, so it I am only too happy to give back in some way to a not for profit organization that strives 110% for its mission – research, education and clinical care.”



“I see a future where diagnosis and treatment of eye disease will be done in new ways, using cutting edge technologies that we haven’t even been able to imagine yet- importantly, it will be a future that QEIF’s investment in research will be integral to. COVID-19 tested everyone! Although not easy, we were able to be flexible and approached the challenge with a determination to ensure that the well-being of the team and of the patients we care for, was always at the forefront of the way we delivered our services.”