QEI Clinic reveals cutting edge cross-linking technology

30 Jan, 2020

We are excited to now offer topography guided corneal collagen cross-linking to patients with keratoconus, using the new Avedro Mosaic machine. QEI Clinic’s Dr Brendan Cronin and Dr David Gunn are the only ophthalmologists in Australia who are currently able to offer this technology – a huge advancement in the field of cross-linking diseased corneas.

Keratoconus is a condition that causes the cornea to lose its regular shape and become distorted, resulting in impaired vision. Corneal collagen cross-linking is the main form of treatment for this disease, using ultraviolet light and riboflavin to enhance the chemical bonds between the layers of the cornea to increase its strength. Traditionally cross-linking machines have only been able to strengthen corneas. However, this new technology both strengthens the cornea and improves the shape.

The Avedro Mosaic machine is the only cross-linking machine available that can deliver extra energy to the more distorted parts of the cornea to work towards regularising a patient’s cornea and their vision.

QEI Clinic’s Dr Brendan Cronin on what this means for patients with keratoconus; “The mosaic machine uses extremely advanced iris recognition technology to correctly identify a patient, their pupil and track the movements of the eye. It can then deliver a custom designed treatment aimed at improving the patient’s vision.”

Representatives from Avedro flew in from Singapore and the USA to install the machine and conduct training for QEI Clinic staff on how to use the technology. Whilst visiting, Grace Lytle and TC Kok from Avedro also attended QEIF’s Last Seen Cocktail Party and Auction!