Dr Audra Shadforth Receives MDFA Research Grant

19 Dec, 2019

QEI Visiting Scientist, Dr Audra Shadforth has recently received a research grant from the Macular Disease Foundation Australia for her upcoming research project. Dr Shadforth’s research project is based around investigating the potential for scarless wound healing in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Aiming to look at AMD from a new perspective, Dr Shadforth is focusing on the skin wound healing and scar formation that comes from AMD, an often neglected area of research. 

While the treatments for AMD can be effective, almost half of eyes that receive these therapies will continue to develop blinding scars under the macular region within two years of treatment. The scar tissue causes distortion in the macula, which leads to even further loss of vision. Through the project, Dr Shadforth aims to develop a therapy that will reduce scarring of the macular in AMD patients. 

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